10 06 2008

Memorable Quote:
“Time is an abstract concept and then you buy a watch !” – source: Dave ? (Queensland)

Rue Du Soleil trilogy

8 06 2008

The 3rd album from “Rue Du Soleil” (May 2008) is out. Again on the Cafe del Mar label, and they have produced yet another blissful masterpiece. The title of the 3rd album is “Emotions”, and my favourite track is “Beautiful Day” (the first track). Like previous albums, all the tracks are perfect to add to your lounge and chillout collections.

EmotionsPrevious albums were:
#2 Essential Feelings (2005) – with highlights being “La Francaise” & “Estonia” (favourites), along with “In My Heart” and “Manush” which appeared on other Cafe del Mar compilations.
#1 Dreaming of… (2003) –  my favourites tracks: “Troya”, “Behind the Door”, “Afrique” & “Dreaming of…”

I have been listening to all 3 albums on my 3CD autochanger for a couple of weeks now – just fantastic – not getting tired of them yet. If I had to pick the best album it would be #2, er #1, er just get them all.

If you’re a fan of Cafe del Mar, you should be looking out for
– Volume 15 (June 2008 – 3CD’s) track list
– La Caina (#1 Vue Mer, #2 Head in the Clouds )
– DAB (#1 The Best, #2 The Best 2)
– GaryB’s latest (Step Ino The Sunshine) – I love it!
All 4 artists can be found on Vol. 15
All are available at amazon.com or amazon.de, or in you favourite music store (maybe!)

Terry Brooks & Terry Goodkind

3 06 2008

This item was written as a reference to the volumes in a couple of Series from Terry Brooks & Terry Goodkind – JR

From Publishers Weekly
Starred Review. Extinction or survival? Brooks keeps readers hanging with the hair-raising second installment (after 2006’s Armageddon’s Children) of a trilogy blending his bestselling Shannara and Void series. A plague-ridden future Earth faces annihilation from Void demons, once-men and other monstrous creatures. What chance do innocent children have? A pretty good chance when Logan Tom and Angel Perez, the last Knights of the Word, have pledged to defend them. Hawk, a child suffused with unpredictable magic, also helps the Seattle street kids called the Ghosts, but when he’s whisked away to the magical Gardens of Life to learn of his heroic destiny, the kids come to depend on Logan and Cat, a part-lizard girl.
The Gypsy Morph
The Genesis of Shannara
(Series) – Terry Brooks
1 ) Armageddon’s Children
2 ) The Elves of Cintra
3 ) The Gypsy Morph – Aug, 2008

First King of Shannara

Sword of Truth (Series) – Terry Goodkind
1 ) Wizard’s First Rule
2 ) Stone of Tears
3 ) Blood of the Fold
4 ) Temple of the Winds
5 ) Soul of the Fire
6 ) Faith of the Fallen
7 ) The Pillars of Creation
8 ) Naked Empire
9 ) Chainfire (Bk1 Chainfire Trilogy)
10) Phantom (Bk2 Chainfire Trilogy)
11) Confessor (Bk3 Chainfire Trilogy)


Memorable Quote: “We reap a reward merely in the act of helping others. We never know how, or if, that reward will come back to us. Helping is the reward; none other is needed nor better.”  – source: “Debt of Bones” by Terry Goodkind.