Rue Du Soleil trilogy

8 06 2008

The 3rd album from “Rue Du Soleil” (May 2008) is out. Again on the Cafe del Mar label, and they have produced yet another blissful masterpiece. The title of the 3rd album is “Emotions”, and my favourite track is “Beautiful Day” (the first track). Like previous albums, all the tracks are perfect to add to your lounge and chillout collections.

EmotionsPrevious albums were:
#2 Essential Feelings (2005) – with highlights being “La Francaise” & “Estonia” (favourites), along with “In My Heart” and “Manush” which appeared on other Cafe del Mar compilations.
#1 Dreaming of… (2003) –  my favourites tracks: “Troya”, “Behind the Door”, “Afrique” & “Dreaming of…”

I have been listening to all 3 albums on my 3CD autochanger for a couple of weeks now – just fantastic – not getting tired of them yet. If I had to pick the best album it would be #2, er #1, er just get them all.

If you’re a fan of Cafe del Mar, you should be looking out for
– Volume 15 (June 2008 – 3CD’s) track list
– La Caina (#1 Vue Mer, #2 Head in the Clouds )
– DAB (#1 The Best, #2 The Best 2)
– GaryB’s latest (Step Ino The Sunshine) – I love it!
All 4 artists can be found on Vol. 15
All are available at or, or in you favourite music store (maybe!)




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