Karen Miller – Godspeaker Trilogy

20 07 2008
Godspeaker Trilogy

Godspeaker Trilogy

Karen Miller is a relatively new Aussie writer. She is the author of the fantasy duology Kingmaker, Kingbreaker, the fantasy trilogy Godspeaker (this review), the tie-in novel Stargate SG-1: Alliances, and coming Star Trek novels.

Anyway, back to the Godspeaker Trilogy. Wow, Karen has done a fantastic job of creating a world to set this saga in. Just hard to believe the amount of effort to detailing everything – you don’t see that very often. All three books maintain consistent tension to the end. No punches are pulled in the massacre stakes as Hekat and her people set out to conquer the world. All that stands between her and her desire is her exiled son. 

My Ratings for each book:
1) Empress of Mijak ***
Would have got more stars if it wasn’t so long a read. In this book we follow Hekat as she rises from slave to empress. Once she’s empress, her patch isn’t good enough, and the godless of foreign lands need to be destroyed.

2) The Riven Kingdom ****
An excellent tale. Hekat’s exiled son (Zandakar) meets a princess (Rhian) fighting to gain the throne after her father’s death – prejudiced lot can’t bear to have a female leader, it’s just not done!. Godspeakers of a different flavour say she and the son are all that stand between victory and annihilation. Lots of mistrust keeps the tension on a knife edge to the end. Much easier to read than book1.

3) Hammer of God *****
How can Hekat be stopped? Will Zandakar, the princess, witch-men and a multi-national war fleet be enough? Karen keeps the tension tight to the very end.

Overall, I give the series 4/5  pretty good – Recommended.

Karen’s Home Page: http://www.karenmiller.net