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30 11 2008

Baen WebScription eBooks

Baen have been “into” ebooks for quite a while. I subscribed to some of their books in the early days, to read on my PDA. Over the last few years I have drifted back to buying books in hard-copy.

Now that the AUS/US $ exchange rate is going bad, it’s time to have another look, save some money, trees and bookshelf-space. I have also started getting some magazine subscriptions in the paperless Zinio format.

Baen’s WebScriptions have expanded to include other publishers:
Baen Books (of course)
Del Rey (Only 1 free book at this time)
Meisha Merlin
Night Shade Books
SRM Publisher
Subterranean Press 
Tor Books
Also check out Baen’s Free Library

More about the publishers
Del Rey – home
E-Reads – home
Meisha Merlin – wiki – closed in 2007
Night Shade – wiki – home
SRM Publisher – home
Subterranean – wiki – home
Tor Books – home

Footnote: PDA’s although small are convenient for reading books, BUT… Now there are these small cheap netbooks that will display the text larger and save the squinting. Will I get one?




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