Sweet Poison: David Gillespie

7 12 2008

sweetpoisonSubtitle: Why Sugar makes us fat
ISBN: 978-0670072477 (Penguin)

David’s key premise is that we ingest Fructose from many sources, and that the body changes it straight to fat. So by taking up a low to no fructose diet, the pounds/kilos will melt away.

A recipe for Cold Turkey
1) Don’t drink sugar – Eat the fruit rather than fruit juice. Cut out sugar laden soft drinks.
2) Don’t snack on sugar
3) Party foods are for parties
4) Be careful at breakfast – watch the sugar content of your favourite cereal.
5) There is no such thing as good sugar – “if I was dying of thirst and given a choice between a soft drink and any juice, I would have to choose the soft drink, because it probably has 10 to 20 percent less fructose than the juice”

The book details (well) the research he did to come to his conclusions about the danger of fructose in the diet. He has also included a history of the growth of the sugar industry and sugar-replacement products & industries. Very interesting reading.

Blog: www.raisin-hell.com (recommended reading)
Book: www.sweetpoison.com.au
Forum: sweetpoison.myfreeforum.org

David’s book is all about the evils of fructose.
Not to be confused with his book is Dr J.S.Hull’s message on the side effects of aspartame – which is also worth a read, as I recently received one of those “please read this” chain emails that quoted “SWEET POISON, A MUST READ”  referring to her book (confused me at first as I thought it referred to David’s book) – see sweetpoison.com




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