Books Read: 2008

21 12 2008

Books Read 2008 (PDF)

It’s hard to believe that I have read over 40 books in 2008 – see the PDF list.

Ian M. Banks – Rather than reading his latest novel, Matter, I picked up his first 2 and have the third (unread) in my archives. Not earth shattering books, but I liked the second book better. Intend posting a review after reading “Use of Weapons” his third SciFi novel. He also writes general fiction as Ian Banks (no “M.”)

Ray Bradburysee earlier post

Robert Buettner – the Jason Wander series started with an (almost) clone of Robert Heinlien’s “Starship Troopers” and now wanders down a similar path to David Feintuch’s “Seafort Saga” (Hope Series). Book 4 has been released, and book 5 not far away – definitely worth reading this series.

Lois McMaster Bujold – compiled yet another Miles Vorkosigan omnibus while we wait for something new… long wait while she writes a few fantasy novels. The first fantasy series was OK, but I have “gone off” her fantasy.

C.J Cherryh – So I have read all 3 Foreigner trilogies, and it looks like there is another one in the pipeline.

James Doohan (Dec’d) & S.M. Stirling – Have written a great series called “The Flight Engineer”. This year I re-read the series for the 3rd or 4th time – highly recommended.

Jim Baen’s Universe – a collection of the best stories published in Baen Press’s online magazine, “Jim Baen’s Universe”

David Gemmell – this year I read his excellent “Lion of Macedon” duology. The only thing of His I have not read yet is the “Troy Trilogy” – maybe in 2009.

Fiona McIntoshsee earlier post

Karen Millersee earlier post

L.E Modesitt Jr. – is one of my favourite authors. I particularly love the Recluce series.

Elizabeth Moon – always a good read. This year I read the final (5th) book of the “Vatta’s War series”. Not quite up to the standard of here earlier stuff, but a good read any way. Earlier stuff is highly recommended.

Andre Norton – always a good read

John Ringo – Wow stuff this “Ghost” series, LOVE IT!! But, it is really over the top with sex and violence. If  you liked “Californication” or Tara Moss’s crime series, you might like this too. Dare I say more action than James Bond, and… just read them.

Brandon Sanderson – his first novel “Elantris” is a great read. Supposed to be a one off, there are rumours of a sequel. Brandon has also been chosen to write the final (12th)  “Wheel of Time” novel, following Robert Jordan’s death. Current expectations are for a late 2009 release.

John Scalzisee earlier post

Joel Shepherd – I read so much fantasy, that I had to re-read “Sasha” before reading book 2.

David Weber – Another favourite author, mainly for the Honor Harrington series. “In Fury Born” is an expanded version of an earlier novel, “In the Path of the Fury”. “Worlds of Weber” is a collection of  previously published short stories, but I hadn’t read most of them anyway – recommended addition to your collection. The subtitle is “Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington and Other Stories”, and there are some Bolos stories in the mix too.

Brent Weekssee earlier post

Wil Wheatonsee earlier post




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