The Love We Share Without Knowing

1 01 2009

Barzak - The Love We ShareBy Christopher Barzak

ISBN 978-0553385649 (Bantam)
Trade paperback, Nov. 2008

Ten tales of life in Japan – mainly centered around American and Japanese English language teachers. There is an undercurrent of loneliness, despair, death, and occasional supernatural themes. All the stories link to one-another in some fashion.

realer than you– starts off the collection with a ghost helping a lost American child. the suicide club – a window into why a small group of strangers would participate in group suicide …just a sample of the content.

I liked the smatterings of Japanese speech, that remind you where the stories are set.

Overall, I found his writing style lacking in depth/richness compared to my usual reading (SciFi/Fantasy). Despite that, I liked it. It is his second novel, following the award winning “One for Sorrow” – which I may read later.

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