The Best of Michael Swanwick

18 01 2009

The Best of Michael Swanwick

ISBN 978-1596061781 (Suberranean Press)
Hardback, 2008

In the last few months of AUS$/US$ (almost) parity in 2008, I discovered Subterranean Press. They are specialty publishers, putting out limited editions in the horror, suspense, dark mystery, fantasy, science fiction, etc genres. Prices start at US$35-40 for limited edition hard covers that are mostly over subscribed on release.

I have obtained a few short story collections;
– The Best of Michael Swanwick
– Woods & Waters Wild (Charles de Lint)
Worlds of Weber
Summer Morning, Summer Night (Ray Bradbury)
– The Best of Lucius Shepard

Michael Swanwick and Lucius Shepard are 2 authors that I’d not heard of before, and they have been around for ages. I can’t seem to find their works in local book stores.

The Review:
Bypassing the last quarter century of his career, I have been introduced to Michael Swanwick’s writing through this short story collection. It is a chronological journey through 21 stories written between 1980 and 2007, including 5 Hugo Award winners.

The genres range from pure science fiction to pure fantasy – Janis Joplin worshiped as a god, teenagers climb down the edge of the world, zombies, journey across the surface of a planet sized grasshopper, dinosaurs, lunar cities, a train bound for hell, wars across time, etc.

My favourite story was “Triceratops Summer” (dinosaurs invade Vermont) – the writing, in this story, reminded me of Ray Bradbury’s Green Town stories.

All the stories were good – a recommended read

Last Words:
“When I was young, I ran off with the elves to become a writer. And I’ve never looked back.” – MS (home page) (blog)




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