Ender In Exile

1 02 2009

Orson Scott Card - Ender in Exileby Orson Scott Card
ISBN 978-0765304964 (TOR)
Hardback, 2008

This is an all-new direct sequel to Ender’s Game. It sits between chapters 14 & 15 of Ender’s Game, ie. after Battle School, detailing Ender’s first task as Governor of the first colony (Shakespeare) and followup discovery of Bean’s lost child (on Ganges).

Now that the first colony has a name future editions of the later Ender books may be edited for consistency.

The book covers the

  • dispersal of Enders friends (battle staff) as they return Earth
  • controversy that keeps Ender in space, and destined for Governorship of the first colony
  • discovery of the last Hive Queen cocoon
  • writing “The Hive Queen” and “The Hegemon” under the pseudonym Speaker for the Dead
  • traveling to the second colony (Ganges) to rescue Bean’s son from himself (misconceptions as to his parentage lead him to believe he is the son of the villain Achilles – see the Shadow Series)

Verdict: This book is every bit as good as any of the other books in the Ender and Shadow series. An excellent read – highly recommended – In fact, I recommend the entire series as good reading.

Now I want to re-read the other books in the original series, starting with Speaker for the Dead.

The Official website of Orson Scott Card is at Hatrack River and more info on the Ender Series can be found in the Wikipedia. Also check OSC’s InterGalatic Magazine for more Ender short stories.

OSC - InterGalactic Medicine Show


1 02 2009

Alan Dean Foster - Quofumby Alan Dean Foster
ISBN 978-0345496058 (Del Rey)
Hardback, 2008

A Novel of the (Humanx) Commonwealth

Is Alan Dean Foster just feeding us with more of his fantastic and wild imagination. It seems to me that he has this flood of material he just has to put on paper before getting serious with the remainder of the Pip & Flinx series.

Although the duo don’t appear in this novel, the stage is further set for their explosive date with destiny in their next adventure. Flinx Transcendent will be the fourteenth [last??] in the Pip and Flinx series, scheduled for release in April 2009.

Quofum – the mysterious planet that comes’n’goes from it’s position in space. This time a research team are sent to explore the planet. Four men, one woman and one thranx – including ship crew and one assassin.

They discover multiple, new intelligent species and many other unclassified life forms. They also discover an assassin in their midst who takes their means of communication with the ship (and some lives).

Three eventually travel into the bowels of the planet and discover something about the Great Evil racing towards the galaxy.

They certainly have never heard of Flinx, the only one with a chance of stopping it.

Verdict: A Great read – recommended (mostly for Pip & Flinx readers)

The Two Pearls of Wisdom

1 02 2009

Alison Goodman - The Two Pearls of Wisdomby Alison Goodman
ISBN 978-073228006 (Harper Collins)
Trade Paperback, 2008

A meld of Japanese/Chinese mythology:

In the imperial city the Emperor is dying.

When an Emperor dies, there is a power struggle. The heirs’ male relatives are usually killed asap – to avoid challenges no and in the future. The dying Emperor didn’t follow tradition, so his heir is in danger as the Emperor’s brother (High Lord Sethon) has control of the army.

The second controlling influence in the empire are the Dragoneyes. The Dragoneyes wield the power of the energy dragon they represent. There are 12 dragons, but one has been missing for 500 years. Leadership of the Dragoneye Council cycles annually amongst its members. This year, it will be the turn of Ido (Rat Dragon) – a major supporter of Lord Sethon.

As a Dragoneye ascends to leadership of the Council, he gains an apprentice in a ceremony where his dragon selects one candidate from the 12 on offer. The candidates are all 12 year old boys, trained specifically for the occasion. Dillon is selected.

Then, the missing dragon makes an appearance and takes Eon as its representative. Eon is elevated to the status of Dragoneye, bypassing the 12yr apprenticeship phase. As both Eon and Ido have ascended to Dragoneye, they get to share governance of the council.

  • Eon befriends the Emperor’s Heir (Kygo)
  • the Emperor dies
  • at the beginning of the succession struggle, Eon is revealed to be a girl (Eona)
  • Ido destroys the Council – only 2 survive, Eon & Ido
  • Sethon’s uprising succeeds

So ends book 1 of the duology. Eona has escaped. There is the threat of the Royal Dragon’s power wielded by the new emperor. If he discovers the Black book of power (hidden by a dragoneye apprentice) he could combine the power of all the Dragons – potential cataclysm!! Will Eona have to join with Ido to defeat him. Where is Kygo? Was he killed as Sethon rose to ultimate power?

DragoneyeEon: Rise of the Dragoneye is the young adult edition of The Two Pearls of Wisdom. However, although the titles and covers are different, the book is the same – it is a true crossover novel that appeals to both adult and young adult readers. And in the US it is called Eon: Dragoneye Reborn.

A better name for all theĀ editions would be just
Eon: Dragoneye (The Two Pearls of Wisdom isn’t as exciting)

Verdict: here’s another good book from an Australian author www.alisongoodman.com.au