Art: Margaret L Rohde

26 05 2009

Margaret is an artist who has a diverse portfolio of works in watercolor, oil, lino & wood prints, wood carving, potter, etc. Here are 6 prints that were up for sale at Sunday’s annual fund raiser for the Australia East Timor Friendship Association SA

Star Trek Movie 2009

23 05 2009

Saw the latest Star Trek movie this week. My first time in Gold Class seats – luxury!! I liked it. Not being a Star Trek expert makes it much easier to enjoy.

Here are just 2 reviews, by non-Trek experts, that put things into perspective for people like us.

I wonder if this might not be the best space-adventure movie ever made
Orson Scott Card

Another Review
@ – good comments to read too

Lastword: for all those ready to pick the faults because xxx technology wasn’t/was available at that time, get a l***! It’s an alternate time line to what we know, history may be different. The “new” crew can go where no one (read trek fan) has gone before – exciting?!?!

CD Compilation PickMe#17

23 05 2009

PickMe17 CD CoverThe 17th compilation in my PickMe series is called “Dance My Heart

01 Take My Heart (Chris Isaak)
02 Green Day (Mo’ Horizons)
03 Kings of the World (Mississipi)
04 Summerfling (k.d. Lang)
05 Singin’ in the Rain (Gene Kelly)
06 Moonglow (Artie Shaw & His Orchestra)
07 School Boy (Wynton Marsalis)
08 Dance by the Light of the Moon (Seals & Crofts)
09 Dance Me to the End of Love (Leonard Cohen)
10 Make Someone Happy (Jimmy Durante)
11 Just One of Those Things (Lionel Hampton & Oscar Peterson)
12 ‘D’ Keyboard Blues (Captain & Tennille)
13 Shall We Dance? (Stacey Kent)
14 In Black of Night (Slow Train)
15 Moondance (Van Morrison)
16 Lament I, “Bird’s Lament” (Moondog)
17 Dance With Me (Debelah Morgan)
18 Fairytale (Alexander Rybak)

I started out compiling a quiet album, but it evolved into jazz and then this.. somethingelse!!

Track Notes: 01 My favourite track from Isaak’s latest album “Mr Lucky” 03 found this one on one of the Underbelly Soundtracks 04 been wanting to put this track on a compilation for ages, but it was always cut 05 from the Clockwork Orange Soundtrack would you believe – timeless 07 the best track from trumpeter Wynton Marsalis’s “He and She” album – don’t like the other tracks much 12 did you know that the Captain & Tennille put at least one instrumental track on every album? more will be seen in future compilations 13 Women of Jazz – a nice track from Putumayo World Music  18 Eurovision Song Contest 2009 winner – excellent and annoyingly stays in the head for ages.

One for Sorrow

10 05 2009

Christopher Barzak - One for Sorrowby Christopher Barzak
ISBN 978-0553384369 (Bantam)
Trade paperback, Sep 2007

At the beginning of the year, I reviewed Christopher Barzak’s second novel “The Love We Share Without Knowing” – a set of tales centered around death, despair and loneliness in contemporary Japan.

This review is about his first novel, “One for Sorrow”, set in a small town in Ohio.

It is a tale about how the death of one teenager (Jamie Marks) affects those around him. The Girl that finds the body, and the boy that felt he could have been more of a friend – Adam McCormick.

It explores the relationships between young adults and their families and community in somewhat rural, small town.

Jamie’s ghost appears and draws Adam into various adventures where it is hard to distinguish reality from dream. So much so that in one adventure I was lost in that dream world with Adam until he began to come out of it.

In between his adventures with Jamie, Adam experiences stress at home. A strict father, domineering brother, and wheel chair bound mother. And to top it all off, there’s the woman who caused his mothers injury, insinuating herself into their family.

Some timelessness about the story. Loss of innocence, etc.
And a happy ending – of sorts!!

Worth a read.

The Love We Share Without Knowing
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