Flinx Transcendent

7 06 2009

Foster - Flinx Trancendentby Alan Dean Foster
ISBN: 978-0345496072 (Del Rey)
Hardback, May 2009

A Novel of the (Humanx) Commonwealth
and the final Adventure of Pip & Flinx

In this novel, Foster gets to make a tidy ending of the series. Friends and enemies gather to achieve/thwart Flinx’s ambitions. Many entities from Foster’s “Humanx Commonwealth” novels, not just the “Flinx and Pip” adventures, meet to assist in the destruction of the “great approaching evil”.

Foster can’t let a novel go without disecting at least one civilization. This time it is the enemy of the Humanx Comonwealth, the bloodthirsty AAnn (a good way to round up the series). Flinx, again sidetacks from his task, sneaking onto the AAnn homeworld and making friends in the most unlikely places.

Ultimately, Flinx defeats his enemies and gets the girl!!… and boredom.

Verdict: A Great read – recommended (mostly for Pip & Flinx readers)

I would like to see more Flinx adventures. With the old thread brought to a tidy conclusion, perhaps there is scope for some standalone adventures. Even more Commonwealth stories would be welcomed.




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