The First Law Trilogy

7 06 2009

Abercrombie - First Law Trilogy

by Joe Abercrombie

1) The Blade Itself – ISBN 978-0575079793 (Gollancz)
2) Before They are Hanged – ISBN 978-0575082014 (Gollancz)
3) Last Argument of Kings – ISBN 978-0575084162 (Gollancz)

The final novel was nominated as a finalist for the David Gemmell Legend Award. Abercrombie is in fine company with Marillier, Sanderson, Sapkowski and Weeks also in the running.

I have seen reviews of this series that say each novel in the series just gets better. All I can say is they get fatter. The writing in all three novels was, IMO, even. No book better than another.

The story jumped around a bit too much, and lacked emotion (to me any way) – a bit flat. Maybe I have just read too much better fantasy lately (Brent Weeks, Fiona McIntosh & Karen Miller for example).

That said, the tale was very well constructed, consistent and no loose ends at the conclusion.

Verdict: 3 stars




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