Windows 7 Installed

17 08 2009

Installed Windows 7 pro x64 RTM last weekend. Everything went smoothly, and I now have a dual boot setup with Vista Home Premium x86.

Just a couple of problems.

  1. Outlook 2007 doesn’t always exit cleanly. It leaves the exe running in the background, preventing a trouble free windows shutdown.
  2. Adobe CS3 wont activate because of “too many activations”. Need to deactivate previous installation first – that’s on the old drive that I can’t access any more due to cluster errors and stuffed registry. Did have an old Acronis backup, but so far that’s a nightmare to restore – will try again when time permitts.

So far, everything I’ve installed, that worked in Vista, works in Win7.

And, so far very impressed with Windows 7. Very fast. Installed it to an OCZ Vertex SSD. Never seen windows start up so fast. Internet access is fastest ever!!

Downloading the RTM iso was the slowest ever!! though, taking 12hrs -ish – maybe downloaded too soon after release.

Photowalk Part 1

3 08 2009
North Terrace, Adelaide

North Terrace, Adelaide

This shot didn’t make the final 2, but afterwards I found the following gem hidden in the detail. Click the “Red Wall” image – beautiful!!

Red Wall

Red Wall