Crytpic: Jack McDevitt

20 09 2009

Jack McDevitt: CrypticCryptic
The Best Short Fiction of Jack McDevitt

ISBN 978-1596061958 (Subterranean)
Hardback, 2009

Amazingly, this is my first Jack McDevitt book. And it’s content is not something you come across much these days – pure science fiction. No fantasy here.

There are an interesting number of stories that deal with space exploration. The failure to find other space fairing races – are we alone!

One poignant tale deals with a time capsule. You now, those things you chuck a few things in, and marvel at when dug up again in 10, 20 or 50 years. Hopefully not as alarming as in the film “Knowing”.

In this case its’ been put away for a thousand years. Things like novels from popular 20th century authors, were stored in it – Bradbury, Clarke, Swanwick, Tiptree, etc. Wonders to set young minds to asking questions. Especially as man was still stuck in the solar system – external journeys have been put in the “too hard” basket. “To Hell with the Stars”

A few other stories, nearer our own time, deal with the fallout from retreating from space just as achievements are made. Just because we’ve ‘been there, done that’. It makes you think!

And as usual, a smattering of post disaster stories.

The last story “Time Travellers Never Die” seems to be an introduction to a novel of the same name, that is due for release in ACE Hardcover in Nov 2009.

38 Short stories – a great read

This Subterranean Press edition seems to be sold out. Grab a copy wherever you can.

Where Are They Now: Apollo Astronauts

13 09 2009

If you ever wanted to know what the Apollo Astronauts did after their flights, have a look at this New York Times slide show