October Books

4 11 2009

My last review was entered on 20th September. Have to catchup with my reviews because this is what I’ve read since:

John Flanagan
– Rangers Apprentice Series. Books 1-9

L.E. Modesitt Jr.
– The Imager Portfolio. Books 1-2

Jessica Hagy
– Indexed

September Reading (not yet reviewed)
Ian M. Banks
– Matter (A Culture Novel)

David Weber
– Safehold Series. Books 1-2

November Reading
I’m currently reading Jack Vance’s biography – interesting.
Other biographic tombs yet to be read include those about H. Beam Piper and Richard Matheson.


Too True

4 11 2009

Peter Bakowski, poet

” My greatest extravagance is … buying books more quickly than I can read them”

Too true. Not the only person to have that problem ;)