Ranger’s Apprentice Series

7 11 2009

Halt's Peril (Bk9)by John Flanagan
Random House Australia

Towards the end of September, the first book in the series was being offered for $5. I bought books 1 & 2. It didn’t take long to read them.

Borders were selling the series at 3 books for the price of 2. I bought books 3-8. And just a week or so ago the ninth book was released. All 9 read now!! That ended the current 2 book story, so no loose ends.

The books can be found in the Child Fiction section of book shops. Don’t let that put you off, as the whole series has been a great read. Read in sequence to not miss anything.

John is an Australian writer, and here’s a description of book 1 to whet the appetite.

“Will is small for his age, but agile and energetic. All his life, he has dreamed of becoming a great knight like the father he never knew, so he is devastated when he is rejected as an apprentice to Castle Redmont’s Battleschool. Instead he is apprenticed to Halt, the mysterious Ranger whose uncanny ability to move unseen is thought to be the result of black magic. Reluctantly, Will learns to use a Ranger’s secret weapons: a bow and arrow, a mottled cloak and a stubborn little pony. It may not be the sword and battlehorse he longs for, but when Will and Halt set out on a desperate mission to prevent the assassination of the King, Will finds that a Ranger’s weapons are not so useless after all…”

Books 1-4 comprise the first adventure
Books 5-6 the second adventure
Book 7 is a prequel to 5
Book 8-9 complete the 4th adventure
Book 10 starting a new thread, is due out in Nov 2010

For more information, visit

Recommended reading for all ages




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