CD Compilation PickMe#19

31 01 2010

The 19th compilation in my PickMe series is called “Summer Wine”

01 But Now I’m Back (Pink Martini)
02 Mi Talisman (Ana Gabriel)
03 If I Had The Power (Vidar Busk)
04 Sweet, Sweet Love (Russell Morris)
05 Brandnew Start (Compendium)
06 Time After Time (Ernestine Anderson)
07 The Glory of Love (Jimmy Durante)
08 Summer Wine (Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood)
09 Secret Love (George Michael)
10 Mambuloo (Mo’ Horizons)
11 Hotel Utopia (Alejandro De Pinedo)
12 MacArthur Park (Jeff Duff)
13 Thunderball (Ian Moss)
14 This Boy (The Beatles)
15 Attention (Guy Sebastian)
16 Chez Clerambault (De Phazz)
17 This Guy’s In Love With You (Carl Riseley)

This is the album I was constructing when I was side tracked with the quieter #18 compilation.

Track Notes: 01 from their Splendor In The Grass album. Make sure you get the DVD/CD version as the DVD is great 02 from the Samson & Delilah Soundtrack 08 something magical about this song 14 a less well known Beatles track

Tower and Hive: Anne McCaffrey

24 01 2010

1) The Rowan; 2) Damia;
3) Damia’s Children; 4) Lyons Pride; 5) The Tower and the Hive
ISBN 0593023582 (Bantam) Hardcover, 1990
ISBN 0593023749 (Bantam) Hardcover, 1992
ISBN 0552139122 (Corgi) Paperback, 1994
ISBN 0552142182 (Corgi) Paperback, 1994
ISBN 0593043243 (Bantam) Hardcover, 1999

This series documents the history of a dynasty of Telepaths and Kinetics that serve humanity for inter-stellar communication and shipping.

It all starts with a baby caught in a mudslide. She has the mental scream to keep Altair’s talents on edge until she’s found. As the sole survivor of a tradgedy, she becomes a state ward and is educated by the planets’ Prime telepath/kinetic. At a relatively young age, she is shipped off to Callisto to assist Earth’s Prime in the busy home system.

It’s a lonely life, but she’s soon joined by Afra Lyon.

Their lives are tuned upside down when alien bugs (hive minded) attack outer colony world Deneb. Their Prime, Jeff Raven, shouts a warning back to Callisto station to enlist their support. All the talents unite, and the invaders are destroyed.

Jeff and the Rowan marry, having wayward child Damia. Afa rescues Damia again and again until one error gets her sent to Deneb. As she matures, she is assigned as Prime for the new tower on the mining world, Aurigae. While out in space looking out for more hivers she meets mind to mind with an inter-galactic voyager. He turns out to be predatory and it takes a mind meld, with Afra and her brother as focus, to overcome and destroy him.

Afra marries Damia, and they have many children…

Somewhere in there, another sentinent species (Mrdinis) contacts the humans to join with them to defeat the hivers.

The last 3 books detail Damia’s childrens efforts, in conjunction with the Mrdinis, to chase down the hiver worlds and eliminate their capacity to wage war again.

Well written. I loved the first 2 books best, but the whole series is well worth reading. I first read these books as they were released. It was great to re-read them now, as a complete series. The ending was not as I remembered – must have confused it with some other tale.

CD Compilation PickMe#18

19 01 2010

The 18th compilation in my PickMe series is called “Serenity”

01 I Feel Blue (Alif Tree)
02 Sleep Away (Bob Acri)
03 Phraseology (Compendium)
04 Death by Chocolate (De-Phazz)
05 After the Rain (Michel Legrand)
06 Inara’s Suite (Greg Edmonson)
07 You’re Not Alone (The Trio)
08 Estate (Toots Thielemans)
09 Once in the Long Ago (Kevin Kern)
10 Theme From The Tiki Wonder Hour (Combustible Edison)
11 Singing Wings, Crying Beasts (Santana)
12 Kamikaze Requiem (Lindsay Buckland and Carlos Vamos)
13 John’s Music Box (The Mamas & The Papas)
14 Phone Call (Los Lobos)
15 Dropped Off at Turkana (Alberto Iglesias)
16 Fairy Of The Lake (Yonderboi)
17 Serenity (Frequency)

This time the quiet tracks won out over jazz and the rest. But there is a more up beat compilation coming..

Track Notes: 02 a track that comes with Windows 7 (the self titled album needs to be re-released) 06 from the FireFly TV Series soundtrack 07 a bit quiet at times, but lovely 08 Toots played the Midnight Cowboy theme tune (gotta get that on the next compilation) 10 a bit bassy but pleasant 11 Santana!! 12 Lindsay Buckland (electric dulcimer) colaborates with Carlos Vamos (guitar) for a double album called “The Famous Unknowns” (2007). Lindsay is an Australian artist who often plays in Adelaide Mall. 13 short interlude by John Phillips 14 from the soundtrack of Desperado 15 one of many nice tunes on The Quiet American soundtrack

10 Things I’ve Learned

2 01 2010

In a recent article titled “10 Things I’ve Learned”, Thomas Chicca reveals some interesting and helpful tips after retiring from an engineering consulting firm after 35 years. Thomas’ tips are very useful and are likely very applicable to many of us… enjoy. Things Tom has learned and some words of wisdom:

  1. Family & health care first, work and career second
  2. Other people are not like me
  3. Managing people is different than managing projects
  4. There’s more than one way to get things done
  5. Most people want to be successful and to do the right thing
  6. Sooner or later you’ll come across someone who is simply a “horses ass”
  7. Fundamentally I’m a geek and Learn as much about yourself as you can
  8. The biggest obstacle to your future may be your past success
  9. When you have a clear and strong belief, it may be wrong
  10. You can never communicate too much

To read in detail Thomas’ comments see this article from the Winter 2009 American Surveyor Magazine