10 Things I’ve Learned

2 01 2010

In a recent article titled “10 Things I’ve Learned”, Thomas Chicca reveals some interesting and helpful tips after retiring from an engineering consulting firm after 35 years. Thomas’ tips are very useful and are likely very applicable to many of us… enjoy. Things Tom has learned and some words of wisdom:

  1. Family & health care first, work and career second
  2. Other people are not like me
  3. Managing people is different than managing projects
  4. There’s more than one way to get things done
  5. Most people want to be successful and to do the right thing
  6. Sooner or later you’ll come across someone who is simply a “horses ass”
  7. Fundamentally I’m a geek and Learn as much about yourself as you can
  8. The biggest obstacle to your future may be your past success
  9. When you have a clear and strong belief, it may be wrong
  10. You can never communicate too much

To read in detail Thomas’ comments see this article from the Winter 2009 American Surveyor Magazine




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