CD Compilation PickMe#18

19 01 2010

The 18th compilation in my PickMe series is called “Serenity”

01 I Feel Blue (Alif Tree)
02 Sleep Away (Bob Acri)
03 Phraseology (Compendium)
04 Death by Chocolate (De-Phazz)
05 After the Rain (Michel Legrand)
06 Inara’s Suite (Greg Edmonson)
07 You’re Not Alone (The Trio)
08 Estate (Toots Thielemans)
09 Once in the Long Ago (Kevin Kern)
10 Theme From The Tiki Wonder Hour (Combustible Edison)
11 Singing Wings, Crying Beasts (Santana)
12 Kamikaze Requiem (Lindsay Buckland and Carlos Vamos)
13 John’s Music Box (The Mamas & The Papas)
14 Phone Call (Los Lobos)
15 Dropped Off at Turkana (Alberto Iglesias)
16 Fairy Of The Lake (Yonderboi)
17 Serenity (Frequency)

This time the quiet tracks won out over jazz and the rest. But there is a more up beat compilation coming..

Track Notes: 02 a track that comes with Windows 7 (the self titled album needs to be re-released) 06 from the FireFly TV Series soundtrack 07 a bit quiet at times, but lovely 08 Toots played the Midnight Cowboy theme tune (gotta get that on the next compilation) 10 a bit bassy but pleasant 11 Santana!! 12 Lindsay Buckland (electric dulcimer) colaborates with Carlos Vamos (guitar) for a double album called “The Famous Unknowns” (2007). Lindsay is an Australian artist who often plays in Adelaide Mall. 13 short interlude by John Phillips 14 from the soundtrack of Desperado 15 one of many nice tunes on The Quiet American soundtrack




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