CD Compilation PickMe#22

3 12 2011

The 22nd compilation in my PickMe series is called “What Color is Love”
(Xmas 2011 part 1of2). Finalized on
07/07/2011 more easy listening than PickMe#23

01 What Color Is Love (Terry Callier)
02 Every Day (Saint Privat)
03 The Sky Is Not The Limit (Tape Five)
04 Take Five (Dave Brubeck)
05 Tango Flamenco (Armik)
06 Your Heart Is As Black As Night
(Melody Gardot)
07 You’re Crying (Dinah Washington)
08 St James Infirmary (Hugh Laurie)
09 For Your Eyes Only (Armik)
10 Central Station NY (Elmara)
11 Good to Be Out of the Rain (Luminous)
12 (They Long To Be) Close To You (Traincha)
13 Summer Sun (Chris Coco)
14 Reminiscing (K.D. Lang & The Siss Boom Bang)
15 Norwegian Wood (Kurt Elling)
16 Laura (Don Byas)
17 Frankie and Johnny (Chet Atkins)
18 Overnight (Gonzales)




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