CD Compilation PickMe#09

29 07 2016

PickMe09-CD-Cover“Blue Moon”

01 Blue Moon (Mel Torme)
02 Crazy (Patsy Cline)
03 Sunrise (Afterlife)
04 A Tune for Jack (Lemon Jelly)
05 Smoke (Sabers of Paradise)
06 Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes
(Theivery Corporation)
07 Tatouage Bleu (Ben Onono)
08 Return Journey (Voices of Kwahn)
09 Party’s On (Grand Palace)
10 Flawless [Go to the City] (George Michael)
11 You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling (The Richteous Brothers)
12 Cowboys and Angels (George Michael)
13 A Horse With No Name (America)
14 Lifting the Veil from the Braille (Dissociatives)
15 Pilots [On a Star] (Goldfrapp)
16 Fly Me to the Moon (Groove Armada)

CD Compilation PickMe#08

29 07 2016

PickMe08-CD-Cover“The Mambo Craze”

01 The Mambo Craze (De-Phazz/Pat Appleton)
02 Samba Tranquille (Thievery Corporation)
03 Destafinado (Stan Getz)
04 Jazz Is Paris (Malcolm McLaren)
05 A Taste of Honey
(Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass)
06 Reminiscing (Madison Avenue)
07 Sweet Sixteen (Billy Idol)
08 Titoli [from A Fistful of Dollars] (Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni)
09 Dub in Ya Mind (Afterlife)
10 Las Cazulas [2000 remix] (Jose Padilla)
11 So Sant (Lena Fiagbe/Wasis Diop)
12 Song of the Wind (Santana)
13 Unity (Marc Antoine)
14 Last Picture Show (Heavyshift)
15 Drifting Away (Faithless)
16 Go (Moby)
17 Utopia (Goldfrapp)

CD Compilation PickMe#07

29 07 2016

PickMe07-CD-Cover“La Soledad”

01 La Main Parisienne (Amina/Malcolm McLaren)
02 Cowboys and Angels (George Michael)
03 Canadian Sunset
(Tommy Emmanuel/Pee Wee Clark)
04 Need You Right Now (Trumpet Thing)
05 The Moment (Vargo)
06 Oye Como Va (Santana)
07 Top Gun Anthem
(Harold Faltermeyer/Steve Stevens)
08 Take My Breath Away [Love Theme from “Top Gun”] (Berlin)
09 Sabor de Verano (Jose Padilla)
10 Stardust (Artie Shaw & His Orchestra)
11 Midnight Sun (Lionel Hampton & His Orchestra)
12 Begin The Beguine (Artie Shaw)
13 Just a Gigolo / I Ain’t Got Nobody (Louis Prima)
14 No Matter What (Boyzone)
15 Ain’t No Sunshine (Lighthouse Family)
16 La Soledad (Pink Martini)

CD Compilation PickMe#06

29 07 2016

PickMe06-CD-Cover“Old Cape Cod”

01 Old Cape Cod (Patti Page)
02 Here With Me (Dido)
03 Forever (Goldfrapp)
04 More Than Ever People (Levitation)
05 Desire (Blank & Jones)
06 Troya (Rue du Soleil)
07 Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes
(Thievery Corporation)
08 His Majesty King Raam (Deakin/Lemon Jelly/Simon Franglen)
09 Deeper Than You Think (George Benson)
10 Weather Storm (Craig Armstrong/Massive Attack)
11 Whispering Wind (Moby)
12 Something (Jose Padilla)
13 MacArthur Park (Jeff Duff)

CD Compilation PickMe#05

29 07 2016

PickMe05-CD-Cover“Good Luck”

01 Quando Te Veo (Mo’ Horizons)
02 Into the Dark (Marc Moulin)
03 Caravan (Chicago)
04 Good Luck (Basement Jaxx)
05 New Tear’s Day (U2)
06 Love is Incredible (Bastian)
07 Showroom Dummies
(Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto)
08 Tiptoe (Goldfrapp)
09 Billie Jean (Michael Jackson)
10 Downtown (Lloyd Cole)
11 Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)
12 nutbush City Limits (Tina Turner)
13 Clocks (Coldplay)
14 Lily Was Here (Candy Dulfer/Dave Stewart)
15 Swollen (Bent)

CD Compilation PickMe#04

29 07 2016


01 Bosaxi [touched mix] (Jose Padilla)
02 Karyn (Jose Padilla)
03 Shah Dshahan e Princesa Momtaz (Oliver Shanti)
04 The Child (Alex Gopher)
05 Wives and Lovers (Andy Williams)
06 Out of Time (Levetation)
07 Grillos (Paco Fernandez)
08 Pilots (Goldfrapp)
09 The Look of Love (Jose Padilla)
10 Showroom Dummies (Senor Coconut Y Su Conjunto)
11 Forty-Two (Sonic-Adventure Project)
12 U.K Girls [Physical] (Goldfrapp)
13 Lovely Head [Miss World Mix] (Goldfrapp)
14 Dreaming of… (Rue Du Soleil)
15 Talking With Myself ’98 [Canny Remix] (Electribe 101)

CD Compilation PickMe#03

29 07 2016

PickMe03-CD-Cover“If You Leave Me Now”

01 If You Leave Me Now (Chicago)
02 Lovely Head (Goldfrapp)
03 Cuica Laranja Azeda
[Sour Orange Cuica] (Azymuth)
04 Easy Rider (Deep & Wide)
05 Dreaming of… (Rue Du Soleil)
06 Dove (Cymande)
07 Any Other Name (Thomas Newman)
08 Precious Heart (Tall Paul)
09 Lunar Strut (Eric Kupper/Roy And His Orchestra Camembert)
10 Hairy Trees (Goldfrapp)
11 Shah Dshahan e Princesa Momtaz (Oliver Shanti)
12 (The Making of..) Jill (Mark’s & Henry’s)
13 Talking With Myself ’98 [Canny Remix] (Electribe 101)
14 Aria on Air (Malcolm McLaren)

CD Compilation PickMe#02

29 07 2016


01 Lovebird (Acimo)
02 Africa (Toto)
03 Felt Mountain (Goldfrapp)
04 Porcelain (Moby)
05 Theme from a Fistful of Dollars
(Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni)
06 Evergreen [Dusted Remix] (Faithless)
07 Since I Left You (The Avalanches)
08 Never Before (Afterlife)
09 Karyn (Jose Padilla)
10 Grandpa Was an Alien (King Brillo)
11 Love is Incredible (Bastian)
12 Per Qualche Dollaro in Piú [Aka for a Few Dollars More]
(Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni)
13 The Last Night (Cool Water/Time Passing)
14 The Good, The Bad and the Ugly [Mail Title] (Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni)
15 Human [Calexico Vocal] (Goldfrapp)
16 Madam Butterfly (Malcolm McLaren)

CD Compilation PickMe#01

29 07 2016

PickMe01-CD-Cover“Where My Heart Will Take Me”

01 Voyeur de Luxe (Plastyc Buddha)
02 Firewire (Substructure)
03 Spring in Lhasa (Oliver Shanti)
04 This Love (Craig Armstrong/Elizabeth Fraser)
05 Sing, Sing, Sing (Chicago)
06 Human (Goldfrapp)
07 Dreaming of… (Rue Du Soleil)
08 Walking on Air (Jose Padilla)
09 Blue Bar (Afterlife)
10 Angel (Zohar)
11 Many Rivers to Cross (CDM)
12 Tiptoe (Goldfrapp)
13 Dynamic Earth [gravity mix] (Jose Padilla)
14 Where My Heart Will Take Me [Album Version] (Russell Watson)