CD Compilation PickMe#02

29 07 2016


01 Lovebird (Acimo)
02 Africa (Toto)
03 Felt Mountain (Goldfrapp)
04 Porcelain (Moby)
05 Theme from a Fistful of Dollars
(Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni)
06 Evergreen [Dusted Remix] (Faithless)
07 Since I Left You (The Avalanches)
08 Never Before (Afterlife)
09 Karyn (Jose Padilla)
10 Grandpa Was an Alien (King Brillo)
11 Love is Incredible (Bastian)
12 Per Qualche Dollaro in Piú [Aka for a Few Dollars More]
(Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni)
13 The Last Night (Cool Water/Time Passing)
14 The Good, The Bad and the Ugly [Mail Title] (Cantori Moderni Di Alessandroni)
15 Human [Calexico Vocal] (Goldfrapp)
16 Madam Butterfly (Malcolm McLaren)



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