CD Compilation PickMe#03

29 07 2016

PickMe03-CD-Cover“If You Leave Me Now”

01 If You Leave Me Now (Chicago)
02 Lovely Head (Goldfrapp)
03 Cuica Laranja Azeda
[Sour Orange Cuica] (Azymuth)
04 Easy Rider (Deep & Wide)
05 Dreaming of… (Rue Du Soleil)
06 Dove (Cymande)
07 Any Other Name (Thomas Newman)
08 Precious Heart (Tall Paul)
09 Lunar Strut (Eric Kupper/Roy And His Orchestra Camembert)
10 Hairy Trees (Goldfrapp)
11 Shah Dshahan e Princesa Momtaz (Oliver Shanti)
12 (The Making of..) Jill (Mark’s & Henry’s)
13 Talking With Myself ’98 [Canny Remix] (Electribe 101)
14 Aria on Air (Malcolm McLaren)



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