Book Links

A list of book Author home pages and blogs

Buettner, Robert – home, blog (series: Jason Wander)
Card, Orson Scott – home,
     OSC’s InterGalactic Medicine Show (pay-per-issue quarterly mag US$2.50)
Foster, Alan Dean – home
Hobb, Robin – home
Jordan, Robert – home, blog (series: wheel of time #1-11)
McIntosh, Fiona – home
Miller, Karen – home (series: Kingmaker Kingbreaker, Godspeaker, SG1, StarTrek)
Sanderson, Brandon – homeblog (series: wheel of time #12, elantris, mistborn)
Wheaton, Wil – home (its a blog)

Limited Editions
Publishers that are currently publishing some of the old classics, and new titles. When the $AUS is down against the greenback, these books can be a bit expensive.

Haffner Press – home (Jack Williamson, Leigh Brackett & Edmond Hamilton)
Subterranean Press – home, rss, mag (especially like the short story collections)

Free on the web
Baen Free Library – whole books
Subterranean Press Magazine (hard copy also available for a few $$)

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