Last days at work

13 07 2012

Farewell Luncheon

Today, I retired from the SA Public Service after nearly 36yrs. Photos were taken at the farewell luncheon at “The Office” on Tuesday, and todays workplace morning teas (and presentation). The gallery can be viewed here – enjoy!

Photowalk Part 1

3 08 2009
North Terrace, Adelaide

North Terrace, Adelaide

This shot didn’t make the final 2, but afterwards I found the following gem hidden in the detail. Click the “Red Wall” image – beautiful!!

Red Wall

Red Wall

Worldwide Photo Walk

19 07 2009

Yesterday (July 18th) I took part in the “Worldwide Photo Walk”. The Adelaide walk started from Plain Tree Drive, thru the Botanic Gardens, along North Terrace to King William Street, the Adelaide Festival Centre, the Torrens and on to the Cathedral pub in North Adelaide.

I took 143 pics on the SLR and 18  on the compact on the 2.5-3hr walk.

Somehow I have to select 2 or 3 for the Adelaide competition…  hard!

Will post a selection of the rest in the next few days.

Art: Margaret L Rohde

26 05 2009

Margaret is an artist who has a diverse portfolio of works in watercolor, oil, lino & wood prints, wood carving, potter, etc. Here are 6 prints that were up for sale at Sunday’s annual fund raiser for the Australia East Timor Friendship Association SA

Metamerism vs. Metameric Failure

14 12 2008

Metamerism is a complex phenomenon involving physics, biology, and perception. Most confuse metamerism with metameric failure (or have never heard of either term). Here are a few helpful terms:

Apparent colors that match under different light sources

The matching of apparent colors between objects with different spectral distributions

Metameric Failure:
Colors will match under one light source but not another

Geometric Metameric Failure:
Colors match when viewed from one angle but not another

Field-Size Metameric Failure:
The same colors appear different when viewed as small and large areas

Observer Metameric Failure:
Two spectrally dissimilar lights or surfaces produce a color match for one observer but not a second observer, due to differences in the observers’ physiology.

See Photoshop User Magazine – Dec 2008 or the authors blog

The Photoshop Mag article was titled “The Fine Art of Printing” – Understanding Gloss Differential, Bronzing, and Metamerism. When evaluating both print and printer quality, there are three things to watch for: gloss differential, bronzing and metamerism. they all make a subtle but appreciable difference in print quality. the article explains what they are, how you identify them, and what you can do about them…

If you know of any additional (free) links that help with explanations, leave a comment.