The Night Angel Trilogy

1 01 2009

Brent Weeks - Night Angelby Brent Weeks

1) The Way of Shadows
2) Shadow’s Edge
3) Beyond the Shadows

ISBN 978-1841497402, 1841497419 & 1841497426 (Orbit)
Paperbacks, 2008

The perfect killer has
– no friends, only targets
– no identity, but many faces
– no conscience, just objectives

There is something different about this series.
– a strong cast of lead characters
– a strong cast of supporting characters
– ancient objects of power
– mages and gods
– a blurring between good ‘n’ evil
Brent weaves a rich tapestry of the lives of “kings to be”, and the down-trodden rising to be honoured heroes.

Kylar, the wetboy (assassin), friend & lover, ties it all together. He’s not quite the perfect killer. And, it’s not just his story… 

Terry Brooks (from the back cover):
“I was mesmerized from start to finish. Unforgettable characters, a plot that kept me guessing, non-stop action and the kind of in-depth storytelling that makes me admire a writer’s work”

What more can be said, except… a recommended read

Last words:
It’s really a love story in disguise – get out the tissues for an emotional ending.

The Way of Shadows

13 12 2008

brent-weeks-night-angel-1by Brent Weeks
Bk 1 of the Night Angel Trilogy
ISBN 978-1841497402 (Orbit)

I have the entire series as each book has been released monthly to Dec 2008. The other books will be read over the Xmas break, but next I’ll be reading something very different – see the next review.

The Way of Shadows
I picked this book up on Wed, and finished it on Sat. A great, easy and hard-to-put-down read.

Azoth, urchin/thief from the slums of Cenaria becomes apprentice to the best assassin in the city. Part of his education involves mixing with the aristocracy. He makes friends with the crown prince and local lord, Logan Gyre. As part of a coup attempt, Logan is accused of the crown princes death and Azoth (now Kylar Stern) marked for arrest.

This is only the beginning of the end for Cenaria as foreign powers with the aid of mages over-run the city. Kylar’s master aids in the downfall, and near the end there is a duel between them. Kylar can only survive if he is able to unlock/obtain the full powers of a Night Angel.

The perfect killer has no friends, only targets – Kylar and his master are not perfect in that regard, so many complications compromise their efficiency and ability to survive the destruction of Cenaria. But, its those friendships that ultimately prevent them from just giving up.

A great tale – I can’t wait to read the other 2 books. I haven’t read ahead.

This book has been nominated for “The David Gemmell Legend Award
Check out the site and vote for your favourite when the shortlist is released later this month. Voting opens on Dec 26th, 2008.

Orbit has signed on Mr. Brent Weeks, for three more novels. All set in a totally different fantasy world . . . they’ll start publishing his whole new series in Fall/Winter 2010 (Spring/Summer for Aus).