This is Me, Jack Vance

7 11 2009

Jack Vance BiographyISBN 978-1596062450 (Subterranean)
Hardback, 2009

This is Jack Vance’s biography. His journeys around the world. The people he meets. For much of his career, Vance has been one of the field’s most private writers, an author who preferred to let his work speak for him. this book has been released to coincide with the release of the tribute anthology “Songs of the Dying Earth”.

It is not a story about his works. Towards the end…
“I have been counseled .. to the general effect that since this is the autobiography of a writer I ought to say somthing about writing.” That takes all of 4 pages.

Jack was born in 1916 and led a pretty interesting life thru to 2009. He doesn’t write any more due to blindness. This biography being his only exception.

I gave up reading Jack Vance novels long ago. In my library I have:
– The Dragon Masters
– Emphyrio
– Showboat World
– The Dying Earth

None of which I retain memories of. Maybe I should read them again to remind myself of his writing style.

Jack vance most recent publications have been released through Subterranean Press.
Follow this link to see what’s available, and other reviews.