Ender In Exile

1 02 2009

Orson Scott Card - Ender in Exileby Orson Scott Card
ISBN 978-0765304964 (TOR)
Hardback, 2008

This is an all-new direct sequel to Ender’s Game. It sits between chapters 14 & 15 of Ender’s Game, ie. after Battle School, detailing Ender’s first task as Governor of the first colony (Shakespeare) and followup discovery of Bean’s lost child (on Ganges).

Now that the first colony has a name future editions of the later Ender books may be edited for consistency.

The book covers the

  • dispersal of Enders friends (battle staff) as they return Earth
  • controversy that keeps Ender in space, and destined for Governorship of the first colony
  • discovery of the last Hive Queen cocoon
  • writing “The Hive Queen” and “The Hegemon” under the pseudonym Speaker for the Dead
  • traveling to the second colony (Ganges) to rescue Bean’s son from himself (misconceptions as to his parentage lead him to believe he is the son of the villain Achilles – see the Shadow Series)

Verdict: This book is every bit as good as any of the other books in the Ender and Shadow series. An excellent read – highly recommended – In fact, I recommend the entire series as good reading.

Now I want to re-read the other books in the original series, starting with Speaker for the Dead.

The Official website of Orson Scott Card is at Hatrack River and more info on the Ender Series can be found in the Wikipedia. Also check OSC’s InterGalatic Magazine for more Ender short stories.

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