The Martian Chronicles

13 06 2009

Ray-Bradbury-The-Martian-Chroniclesby Ray Bradbury
ISBN 978-0380973835 (William Morrow)
Hardback (2006 reprint of 1997 Avon Books edition)
story copyrights 1946,1948,1949,1950,1958,1972 with 1997 introduction by the author.

With Subterranean Press about to publish a special edition of Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, and me not willing to part with US$300 for the privilege – especially now the the AUS$ has dropped from “near parity” to US$0.80ish – I grabbed a cheaper copy to renew the reading experience. I did have other copies in the past, but have given them away.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a copy before that delivered the works in chronological order from “Ylla” (first landing) thru to “The Million-Year Picnic”.

Timeline (stories) 2030-2057 [story list added 15/06/2009]
Rocket Summer
The Summer Night
The Earth Men
The Taxpayer
The Third Expedition
And The Moon Be Still As Bright
The Settlers
The Green Morning
The Locusts
Night Meeting
The Shore
The Fire Balloons
The Musicians
The Wilderness (c 1972)
The Naming of Names
Usher II
The Old Ones
The Martian
The Luggage Store
The Off Season
The Watchers
The Silent Towns
The Long Years
There Will Come Soft Rains
The Million-Year Picnic

Not all the stories are as good as I remembered, but it was good to re-live the series. I have other martian stories waiting on the shelves, from Bradbury contemporaries such as Leigh Brackett and Edmond Hamilton.

Ray-Bradbury-The-Martian-Chronicles-SPIf you are a Bradbury worshiper, order the forthcoming Subterranean Press edition. For more information, follow thisĀ  link..

The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition
By Ray Bradbury (to be published in late 2009)
Illustrated by Edward Miller
Introduction by John Scalzi
Limited: US$300
Lettered: US$900
keep an eye out for temporary price reductions.

Verdict: 4 stars – anything by Ray Bradbury is worth reading