Nobody likes the feeling of being singled out

4 12 2011

This caught my eye:

“i was asked once: “if you could pick the perfect way to die, how would that be?” my reply: an extinction level event. cause let’s face it, nobody likes the feeling of being singled out, or that they’re going to end up missing out on something. if there’s no one else around after i’m gone, well, that kinda alleviates those two anxieties.”

source: a site worth watching/following – different!

Would you rather be on the Moon?

Malcolm McLaren Dead @ 64

12 04 2010

22/Jan/1946 – 8/Apr/2010

Never mind the Sex Pistols.
My favourite Malcolm McLaren lagacy is his “Paris” jazz album (1997) – bliss.

Daily Mail (UK)
NY Times

Paris album on Amazon (read the reviews).

Susan Boyle’s Got Talent

19 04 2009

Adding all the youtube views quickly goes over 50 million.

Heres a link to a full length, High Quality & Wide Screen version, of Susan Boyle’s audition. It has gone past 2 million views