Metamerism vs. Metameric Failure

14 12 2008

Metamerism is a complex phenomenon involving physics, biology, and perception. Most confuse metamerism with metameric failure (or have never heard of either term). Here are a few helpful terms:

Apparent colors that match under different light sources

The matching of apparent colors between objects with different spectral distributions

Metameric Failure:
Colors will match under one light source but not another

Geometric Metameric Failure:
Colors match when viewed from one angle but not another

Field-Size Metameric Failure:
The same colors appear different when viewed as small and large areas

Observer Metameric Failure:
Two spectrally dissimilar lights or surfaces produce a color match for one observer but not a second observer, due to differences in the observers’ physiology.

See Photoshop User Magazine – Dec 2008 or the authors blog

The Photoshop Mag article was titled “The Fine Art of Printing” – Understanding Gloss Differential, Bronzing, and Metamerism. When evaluating both print and printer quality, there are three things to watch for: gloss differential, bronzing and metamerism. they all make a subtle but appreciable difference in print quality. the article explains what they are, how you identify them, and what you can do about them…

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