The Night Angel Trilogy

1 01 2009

Brent Weeks - Night Angelby Brent Weeks

1) The Way of Shadows
2) Shadow’s Edge
3) Beyond the Shadows

ISBN 978-1841497402, 1841497419 & 1841497426 (Orbit)
Paperbacks, 2008

The perfect killer has
– no friends, only targets
– no identity, but many faces
– no conscience, just objectives

There is something different about this series.
– a strong cast of lead characters
– a strong cast of supporting characters
– ancient objects of power
– mages and gods
– a blurring between good ‘n’ evil
Brent weaves a rich tapestry of the lives of “kings to be”, and the down-trodden rising to be honoured heroes.

Kylar, the wetboy (assassin), friend & lover, ties it all together. He’s not quite the perfect killer. And, it’s not just his story… 

Terry Brooks (from the back cover):
“I was mesmerized from start to finish. Unforgettable characters, a plot that kept me guessing, non-stop action and the kind of in-depth storytelling that makes me admire a writer’s work”

What more can be said, except… a recommended read

Last words:
It’s really a love story in disguise – get out the tissues for an emotional ending.



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